Summing up 2020…and in preparation for 2021.

I’ve been putting off writing this note since New Year’s Day and observing world affairs trying to sort itself out.  It’s now been almost a month into 2021 and I still have not been able to bring myself to wish anyone Happy New Year, maybe because deep inside and literally sitting at home in the middle of a lockdown, it just does not sound right knowing that we are still in a fierce battle with the pandemic.  But I have been and am still wishing my friends & colleagues “Happy Better 2021”, for that is something I believe most of us can be in control of, at the least. 🙂

This pandemic resembles the perfect storm designed to test our resolve.  2020, just like many other great challenges presented to us, makes me think of one word, RESILIENCY.  I believe, Resiliency can be achieved through, Being Prepared (with the knowledge and the agile mindset) and Being Brave (to execute).

In business and in family/personal affairs, the discipline of maintaining resiliency has and will carry us through this pandemic, especially, and many other challenges before this and destined to come ahead of us.

In Business Leadership, it means having to bravely lead your Team to be prepared to embrace change and to be able to change at speed, in response to the demand for change. 

In Digital Transformation, it means having to adopt the Agile Mindset of working and have the tools in place to enable it.  For businesses, that have been constantly adopting new things and being well prepared or being able to transform quickly, 2020 was a year to start reaping the benefits and extend the lead from their competition.

Despite all negatives of 2020, it has helped me (and some of us) in many good ways. 2020 is probably my most interesting IT Project in my lifetime.

Dear Friends & Colleagues, I personally want to thank all of you for your direct and indirect support.  Keep Well & Stay Safe.

“Happy Better 2021, Everyday!!!”

~ Sing-Kit Choy ~

(Happy to hear more ideas from YOU about how we can build better RESILIENCY.)

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